Wholesale Seafood

We are a leading wholesale seafood supplier ships high quality, frozen and fresh seafood for Houston, Texas and Surrounding Area.

Request wholesale quotes online now for all your fresh seafood needs.

Beauty Supply

Buy and Save On Huge Selection Of Beauty Supplies Products for Wholesale and Retails at low prices.

Find a huge selection of items and accessories. Get what you want today.

Web Design

One stop shop for Web Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design and Search Engine Optimization.

Let us develop your Custom Website. From Concept to Completion. Get Started Now!

Walprice, Everything you need For LESS!


Walprice, Inc.
Phone: (832)303.3WAL
Email: support@walprice.com

Why Our Seafood?

We sell the best quality, the healthiest, fresh and frozen seafood made available by a dedicated staff of quality control experts to make sure that we shoulder the concern and not our customers.

What’s Most Important About Our Design?

Clean and Professional Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management System, Responsive Web Designers

Why Beauty Supply?

We know going to beauty school can be expensive, so our goal is to get you the most affordable, on sale Beauty Supply for all your needs

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